Bahnsen/Stein Debate HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Should Abortion Be Legal (April 28, 2013)

Where Does Morality Come From? (11/09/2012)
Crash Course in Presuppositional Apologetics

Presuppositional Apologetics Sunday School Class

Part 1 - Introduction mp3
Part 2 - Overview of Classical and Evidential Apologetics mp3
Part 3 - Overview of Presuppositional Apologetics mp3
Part 4 - Circular Arguments and the Nonbeliever's Ultimate Authority mp3
Part 5 - Believer's Ultimate Authority and the Myth of Neutrality mp3
Part 6 - The Preconditions of Intelligibility & The Don't Answer, Answer Method mp3
Part 7 - Tactics in Apologetics & The Problem of Evil mp3
Part 8 - Review & The Problem of Evil mp3
Part 9 - Logical Fallacies mp3



Ultimate Authority
The Myth of Neutrality
The Preconditions of Intelligibility
The Transcendental Argument
The Problem of Evil
Logical Fallacies

Apologetics Articles

(Remember to use all evidence in a presuppositional way. We do not appeal to the nonbeliever as a neutral party. We simply proclaim the truth God has already authenticated. Truth that is only knowable through Him.)
Fulfilled Prophecy
Resurrection: The Heart of the Gospel
Reliability of the New Testament
Bibliographical Tests
Jason Lisle- Secret Code of Creation HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jujutsu Apologetics: Using Nonbeliever's Beliefs Against Them HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The Distant Starlight Problem: The Christian's Greatest Scientific Challenge
The Problem of Evil: Christianity's Greatest Challenge
The Grand Design: What God Hath Wrought (Against Stephen Hawking's Bestseller)

Special Topics
A Presuppositional Response to the Homosexual Movement

Recommended Websites

Proof That God Exists
Answers In Genesis

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