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Here at the Lion's Den, we realize that for many college students it's hard to research the biblical/right side of an argument. Class schedules, extracurricular activities, relationships, jobs, etc. all keep you from finding out whether your professor is really telling you the truth about a certain topic. That's where we come in. If you want to find out if what you're learning is right or accurate, but don't have the time to actually study the particular subject, leave us a question. We'll do the research, or point you toward someone who has, so you don't have to sacrifice your own busy schedule. There are a couple ways in which you can contact us.

1. If you have facebook, leave a comment on our wall. This will probably be the quickest way to contact us.

2. Leave your question in the box below.

3. If your question is private in nature simply post your email address in either venue and explain the nature of your message. We'll be sure to email you as soon as possible so we can discuss your particular issue in confidentiality.

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